I am a diverse web developer with 20 years industry experience in web application development and web infrastructure support.

I have the skills to add value to a team at any layer of a web application but my preference is to work on front end interfaces. I am adept at building simple user interfaces with a strong attention to detail.

My objective is to find a web development position on a successful, challenging and enjoyable team in an industry that is interesting to me. My personal goal is to learn new techniques in development and team organization and apply these techniques to produce quality web applications that are easy to use, build and maintain.


JavaScript / TypeScript
React, Redux
Server Technologies
node.js, Python
SASS, LESS, Emotion
Data Storage/Transfer
Mongo, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, JSON, SOAP, YAML
Continuous Delivery
Stash, Github, Jenkins, Jira




Senior Software Engineer ~ Workday ~ 2016-Present

At Workday I have been involved in the Media team. I have worked on our media client for the web team as well as a year on the mobile (iOS) team.

Initially when I joined Workday, one issue that was high priority was that customers could not upload video through IE 7-11. This happened because of how IE handled larger uploads, the entire browser would become unresponsive because javascript is single-threaded. I ended up solving this issue by creating a web-worker (which is run in another thread) to handle the uploading and allowing the user to continue interacting with the rest of the application.

More recent efforts I have been involved in were to re-write the player in React / Redux from a codebase that was primarily Google Closure Library and Knockout.js. We also recently added support for Adaptive Playback.

JavaScript TypeScript React.js Redux Google Closure Library Knockout.js node.js Python Swift i18n Git Scrum

Lead Software Engineer ~ KIXEYE ~ 2013-2016

At KIXEYE I have been a leader for a major refactor and development phase of the KIXEYE.com gaming portal. KIXEYE.com was refactored into a single page javascript app so that users are able to browse the portal (chat, groups, leaderboards, guides, content) while maintaining their current play session.

Some features have been added recently that have had a large impact on moving players from playing within Facebook to playing within the gaming portal. Payments are now generalized to all games instead of being specifically written by individual games. A game running in the portal can send events to the portal which then responds by providing the user access to the payment provider then communicating back to the game upon successful purchase of game credit. Chat and Groups support have had a positive response from our users. When we added chat functionality to the portal, it was the first module to be written in Backbone. The team liked Backbone and we have since refactored the entire KIXEYE.com portal to use Backbone and Backbone.Marionette.

JavaScript React.js Backbone PHP node.js jQuery HTML5 Handlebars AJAX OAuth2 Compass SASS JSON i18n Social Integration Git Stash Mongo memcache Linux Scrum

Front End Developer ~ Semadic ~ 2012-2013

When I joined the Semadic team, they had already developed an advanced prototype for the startup venture. My goal was to take the front end technologies from a quickly thrown together prototype into a competent and well designed system for production delivery. In 7 months we delivered the full production product that now runs victoria.diggit.ca, www.begiving.ca and www.gobid.ca.

The monetization goal of the venture required that the product be capable of rebranding in a short timeframe. We were able to design for this requirement by utilizing modern separation techniques and frameworks. Bootstrap, SASS and jQuery were used extensively.

JavaScript Python/Django HTML5 jQuery AJAX Compass SASS JSON Git Gerrit Social Integration PostgreSQL memcache Linux Scrum

Senior Technical Lead ~ Terapeak ~ 2009-2012

I was hired as a Programmer Analyst on a team responsible for a market analysis and data visualization tool. I was promoted to Senior Technical Lead in Fall 2011, and was placed in charge of the Product team which manages all user interfacing applications.

The majority of my work focused on user interfaces, but I also maintained the iOS app, Postgres C Extension and SOAP API. I was part of the team responsible for porting the product to a new dataset, adding UTF8 support for international market data. I was also involved in the development of two prototypes. The first was a mobile app for doing market research on-the-go developed using jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap with barcode scanning plugin. The second prototype was a web application that did display and analysis of data from independent sales channels for online retailers.

Scrum PHP HTML5 CoffeeScript jQuery AJAX Compass SASS JSON Git Gerrit PostgreSQL Perl Objective-C C memcache Jenkins Linux

Web Technical Analyst ~ MYRA SYSTEMS ~ 2006-2009

Responsible for web site development on the Ministry of Health Services, Web Services Contract.

Work included liaising with the Business Analyst to define the scope of the project and document requirements then identify a solution and follow the project through from start to finish. Throughout the project implementation, responsible for the design and architecture of new sites, design of graphics, quality control, testing, accessibility monitoring, and troubleshooting issues.

As backup for the Web Server Support Role, responsible for web site setup, web statistics and web server administration in Solaris 10 and Windows Server 2003 environments.

XHTML CSS JavaScript MySQL PHP ITIL Solaris Photoshop

Lead Developer ~ Etraffic Solutions, Inc ~ 2001-2005

Starting as the only web developer in a company of six people, the organization quickly grew to 38 employees with 7 developers.

In my initial role, I was responsible for all aspects of web development, database administration as well as network and server administration. As the company grew, I was promoted to a lead developer role. In this role, I assisted with the development and implementation of standards and best practices including AJAX, CSS, and XHTML.

One of my key accomplishments was the development of a framework that enabled quicker development of new applications. This framework included generic session management, permission implementation, routing, page templating for view components, structured data access objects and module plug-in capability.

PHP MySQL HTML CSS Perl JavaScript Linux Photoshop